Bride & Groom scale the 'Tower'

We were commissioned by a lovely couple, Trisha & Kalpesh, to create a 4' high profiterole tower to be used as a wedding cake and part of the dessert buffet. 

For you metric folk, that's 120cm high.

So I did some research and the tallest available off the shelf moulds are 60cm and cost over £200 to buy. Hmmm....

"Sure I can do it!" I said, ever so eagerly to the bride. I mean, how hard can it be to make one? Does anyone remember sitting in Maths class, learning trigonometry, wondering "when will I ever use this"? - Yeah... me too.

I concluded that I could make the croquembouche mould out of heavy grade craft paper. Using Pythagorean theorem (nerd... I know), I calculated how much card I would need, went off to Hobby Craft and bought my bits.


Eventually, I came up with this. Then my brain started throbbing - something wasn't right. This wasn't going to work. What's the problem? I don't know. I can just feel that it's not going to work. Paper absorbs water, so when I stick the profiteroles on to the tower, the cone will get wet and the profiteroles will fall off. I found some food grade silver spray and covered my mould with that from top to bottom.

I had to calculate how many profiteroles I would need to surround the tower, so I baked 2 batches of a dozen each, waited for them to cool, filled them and dipped them in chocolate ganache, then took some measurements using a vernier caliper. Having determined the average diameter and height, I could then go on to calculate how many I would need to cover a cylinder shaped object and halved it. 580 profiteroles is what it took to cover this beast from top to bottom.

Here are a few snaps i took during the process:



Each profiterole was stuck on with chocolate ganache and then I wrapped the whole tower with caramelised sugar work to give it hold and a bit of crunch.

Here is a picture of the bride & groom cutting the 'cake', courtesy of Alpesh Rabadia Photography.


Videography was by Cookies Productions, Music supplied by Nills of Professors of Sound.

Congratulations Kalpesh & Trisha - it was a challenge!