About Cilantro


It all started when ...

It was my 1,347th wedding reception, 17th August 2013, I remember the couple so well. It's not unusual in this industry, for couples to want something different for their wedding. In fact, its the norm. Practically every couple I have met began their wedding planning with the line "I want something totally different for my wedding". This couple was no different.

Black linens! Thats what ended up being different about this wedding and I had my "Jerry McGuire" moment. I was tired of the buffet lunches, the four starters, 2 veg, 2 non veg, the table service platters & bowls, sprinkled with lots of coriander. I don't blame them or any of the couples that wanted something different but ended up having exactly the same as every other couple. The fault was ours - the Asian Wedding Industry. There was no choice for any of the couples to have anything different. Each caterer, from Madhus to Ragamama, to Laguna, to Shaziana follows the same model and the menus are by and large, the same. Believe me, I've seen 'em all.

This time, I wanted something different. Don't get me wrong - I have nothing against the traditional wedding set up. I just didn't want to do it anymore. So I made a decision to leave my job running a successful banqueting hall and start my own thing. That was back in December 2013. 

I started Cilantro Fusion Catering in March 2014. Our first event was in April 2014. It took a while to build on our successes but every event we did led to more and more. My wife was very encouraging and her experience working in New York City's finest restaurants has been invaluable in the front of house side of the business. 

I met our executive chef, Andrew at Dalston Yard, he was working on a Mexican Fusion stall. He makes the most amazing sliders I have ever tasted. Part of what I wanted Cilantro to be about was the live cooking stations and Andrew is a huge part of making that a success. To serve live food to 300 people at the same time is a tremendous task and his experience in this area along with his speed is what makes this work.

My love for fine dining developed at an early age. While my friends were eating pizza, burgers and fried chicken, I was experimenting with flavour and cuisine, always trying to replicate what I had eaten. I have a gift for tasting something and being able to analyse the ingredients. Flavour pairing and presentation are my strengths as well as the planning and execution of events.

We like to give all of our attention to an event. A wedding is a once in a lifetime occurrence (hopefully). With that in mind, we do not take on more than 1 event in a day.

If you want to know more about us, and what we can offer you, give us a call on 020 8434 7400.